FLY GUYS present “The ‘F’ Word” – Episode 6.1: Pizza Party [Video]

After Bertran and Evan go on tour, Fly Guys try to create more serious and relatable music to appeal to an adult audience.

Jerry Lavigne Jr. – R&B Requirements [Video]

If I got a bitch pregnant.. you betta have 2 more bitches pregnant. lmfao

The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl Ep. 7 [Video]

J embarks on her first “White Date” with Jay.
Directed by Dennis Dortch (Writer/Director of “A GOOD DAY TO BE BLACK & SEXY –

HOLY SH!T w/ Steve Greene Ep. 18 (Best Prank Ever) [Video]

The GREATEST PRANK Ever is pulled by a kid, Link from Zelda gets kicked in the face, and kids run from Transformer Optimus Prime.

SteveGreeneComedy takes you through the weeks most EXTREME and BADASS videos.




Jerry Lavigne, Jr. – Benefits of Girls w/ No Ass [Video]

“You gon save a lot of money with girls with fat asses”

Kain Carter – Smooth MuFu$*@ 101: How to Have More Than One Girl


Black Dynamite TV Show Pilot Ep. (Adult Swim)

from :

The CIA sets out to stop the nefarious plans of T.F. Kurtis, the star of a popular children’s puppet show.  Once one of the most outstanding educators America has ever produced, Kurtis has now gone rogue.  He plans on using his power and influence to corrupt America’s youth.  Only one thing stands in his way, that bad motherfucker known as Black Dynamite!